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C.L.A.W.S. Cats Lives Are Worth Saving

Thank You to Angelica Acevedo and Her Heart for Stray Cats!

Angelica Acevedo has created a special group with an important mission called C.L.A.W.S., Cats Lives Are Worth Saving, which traps, nueters, and releases stray cats back where they were found in Club Villa. Palmas Animal Welfare teamed up with Angelica as she powerfully requested that we take action and become the first HOA in Palmas to contribute money monthly and help control the stray cat population. After she presented the information at our annual owner's meeting, the owners enthusiastically demonstrated their support. Her plan was then brought before the Club Villa Board of Directors to be voted on at their next meeting, and they approved to add $99 per month to the annual budget! With this money, one stray cat per month can be vaccinated and nuetered.

Angelica, with help from an adult traps the stray cat, takes it to the Condelero Veterinary office in Humacao, and then releases the cat when the medical procedures are complete, back into our neighborhood. We are all very proud of Angelica for her committment to this cause and her compassion for stray cats.


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